Elsa Riot is a burlesque performer, producer, and emcee.

She is producer and curator of Smoke & Shadows, the Boston area's premier burlesque & variety show, as well as the burlesque and jazz dinner theater experience Supper Club at Saloon. Elsa has a doofy grin on her face and wants to put one on yours, too. Her style encapsulates the glamour of classic burlesque with a twist of her own earnest charm, influenced by quirky characters, transformations and storytelling, and a cheeky wink toward nerd culture. 

She has performed in festivals around the country including the Empire Burlesque Festival, Hollywood Burlesque Festival, the Great Burlesque Exposition of Boston, the Vermont Burlesque Festival, the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival, and the International Nerdlesque Festival, and has appeared on many kinds of stages, from private weddings to opera houses to the tiniest pin-up bars on the Lower East Side.

Elsa is an unabashed goofball committed to excellent live entertainment with an intersectional lens, creating a joyful, absurd, and sexy world on stage while nodding to important truths in the real one.

Why burlesque? It's fun. It's vital. It pushes boundaries while embracing the vintage stylings and nostalgia we all know and love. 

Come find Elsa on a stage and see for yourself.